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My horse Winnebago in the Barn

My horse Winnebago in the Barn

Hello there. My name is Joanna Flores. I live in good old rural Hughes, Arkansas and though sometimes it can be challenging, I love the rolling hills and big blue skies of the MidWest! My neighbors might be a little….eccentric…more on that later, but for me there are just way more benefits of living out in the country on a farm than in the big city. How could I have my favorite thoroughbred horse Winnebago in the city??? (He’s so cute, I’ll post a picture of him here later!)


This blog is basically about me and my farm adventure. I love the country, but even us country people miss the conveniences of city life every now and then. With this blog, I hope to document both the positives and downsides of country life, but let’s get real—there will be more pros than cons for me! Please contact me if you want to know more, or if you’re ever looking to buy organic fruits and vegetables from me and Watts Farm!

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