Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows for the Winter Weather!

Yummy Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows When the weather gets cold and miserable, you’ve got to find a way to warm your spirit and your body! I found this yummy recipe for homemade peppermint marshmallows and just had to try it out. My predictions were correct–my family couldn’t get enough of these things and started eating them without the hot cocoa to go with it! I diverged from the original recipe a little bit, but I think these were pretty close to how they were intended. You have to make these on a cold and chilly night–the cold tingly feeling of the peppermint combined with the hot cocoa is so delicious! Not that hard to make either!

Internet for us Country People

Internet for us Country PeopleAs a person who lives in a rural area of the USA, it makes it difficult for me to have cable or DSL internet service, I look at the internet obsessed side of our culture in a completely different way. I have friends online who live in bigger cities and I see them playing games online like XBOX Live. They don’t even realize how even stuff like playing games online is really difficult for someone like me who lives out in the country, so luckily for me I am not a gamer! (However my teenage son is, does that still make me lucky? Ha!) I’m glad that satellite internet is available in my area and I can finally drop the dial-up I used to have. At first I was skeptical, but I try to keep things optimistic and can honestly say it was better than what I had before!

The “Internet” for Country People is very different…

What makes satellite internet different from dial-up? First off, satellite internet is just plain faster. Secondly, satellite internet is available just about everywhere in the continental United States, and for folks who live in rural areas or more remote parts of the country like me (Hughes, Arkansas is where I live. Never heard of it? Not surprised), it allows them to have a relatively faster ISP for surfing the web and streaming music and video.

Satellite Is Your Best friend out in the country!

A lot of people are under the misconception that satellite internet sucks and is really slow, but once I checked out the speeds and compared them to other types of internet service I found out it’s on par with most DSL internet services and many mid-tier cable internet plans. On Coupons Daily I found an awesome discount on “highspeed” (come on, let’s be realistic) service from Calera Satellite Internet Company, one of the few internet service providers offering service in my area of Arkansas offering a good deal (check them out if you’re thrifty!).  Now I can stream music, video, and surf the internet a lot faster than I could with good old dial-up. Having access to the internet is important out in the country even if mine doesn’t have cutting edge speed or whatever. Blogging and checking email is pretty easy for me, but if you talked to my son you might hear a different story…

If you want a simple and reliable internet out in the country, then satellite internet is the answer. It might not be perfect or as fast as the wireless Wi-Fi cable internet service my friend Juanita gets in the Chicago suburbs, but hey–there are tradeoffs in life, right? If you love Facebook (gotta keep up with your friends and family that don’t live in the country) and learning about ways to grow the most beautiful flowers online like me, than satellite internet will be a good choice for you! So many times out in the country, you just gotta make it work!!!!

Why I love the Weather in Hughes

Meadow in Hughes AKHere is just a beautiful photo that my neighbor Tara took this fall. For all my city friends who can’t understand why I choose to live so far out in the country, this wonderful picture explains it all! I just wish the weather were a little more like this this week, but I’ve got a lot to look forward to come springtime!

Satellite Internet’s Unsung Hero: The Ka Band

Exede internet and Ka band

Satellite internet service providers are able to provide users with higher quality broadband internet speeds due to changes in technology in satellites, data compression and modems. But one of the biggest reasons why satellite internet providers have been able to upgrade their service is the shift from using Ku band to the Ka band.

The Ku and Ka bands are electromagnetic frequencies that are used to provide communications for television and internet. The difference between the bands is that the Ka band is able to both send and receive data faster than previous Ku bands. The comparison is that just one Ka satellite has the same data capacity of 100 Ku band satellites. This allows for satellite internet service companies like Satellite Informant to be able to provide up to 15 Mbps download speeds for their clients.

Even though Ka band seems to be the next best thing for satellite internet, there’s not a ton of infrastructure in place to completely take advantage of what the band is fully capable of. With that said, it’s already making waves. JetBlue is in the process outfitting their airplanes with Ka band- compatible equipment to provide their flights with higher-quality internet via satellite.

Satellite internet is a blooming type of internet connectivity and as the technology continues to progress and increase, providers will be able to offer even faster speeds and at lower costs in rural areas like Greenville, KY

Maple Glazed Carrots Straight from the Garden!

Fresh Maple Glazed Carrots from Our Garden Mmmm. Yet another reason to live in the country–fresh carrots in droves. For most of you who grow carrots, you know how quickly you can get sick of them, so it’s important to come up with some inventive new ways to prepare them to keep your family from revolting! I tried this maple glazed carrots recipe from Rooftop Recipes and my family just loved it! Of course, a maple glaze does have a lot of sugar in it, so maybe a lot of health nuts (i.e. my husband) are a little wary about the extra calories, but it sure makes for a great treat!

Another Great Country Living Blog!

Living in rural America is not easy, so sometimes you need some support from the fellow courageous souls braving these country lands (like Hughes, Arkansas)! I have been seriously getting a kick from reading a country living blog from another woman who reminds me of a younger version of myself. You guys should check it out because she is funny and does a great job explaining the experience of living out in the country as a whole. Definitely check it out if you are looking for a unique look at rural living!

Chickens in the Road: Country Living Memoir

Chickens in the Road: Rural Memoir If you’ve ever lived out in the country, you know that seeing chickens in the road isn’t that odd of a thing (though it would be pretty weird to see in the city). I just found out about Chickens in the Road, a country living memoir and am going to order a copy tonight! It seems like Suzanne has beat me to doing what I’ve always dreamed to do–write a memoir about living out in the country. The closest I’ve come to writing a memoir so far is keeping up with this blog, and I don’t update it nearly as often as I should. Congratulations to you, Suzanne! From what I’ve read on your blog, you’re a wonderful writer and I am really looking forward to reading your book!